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Adhi Putra Landscaping has been a fully registered company since 1993 with landscape company in Bali - Indonesia as main business including landscape design, landscape constructions and, material procurement.


The company’s owner and founder, Gusti Ketut Lodra, set up the business as a natural progression from his family’s traditional involvement in agriculture.

Today the business is run by Gusti’s oldest son Adi, where he continuously seeks to improve our services by upgrading our product, techniques, and abilities to ensure our ability to exceed our client's expectations.


As the business grew, we set up CV Adhi Putra Landscaping at our current premises in Kerobokan Bali Indonesia and has since functioned as the base for our enterprises, providing support for the landscaping business.

Right from the outset, our company’s aim was to design, create and maintain gardens.

From being the first nurseries business to have been created in the Kerobokan 26 years ago, we have grown into a business with a reputation that we can be proud of, built up as a result of the knowledge we have accrued over the year and quality of work we provide as reflected in our extensive and loyal clientele.



“Quality is Above Profit”

We believe that quality is more important than just simply gaining profit. We are putting all of our best efforts into every project that we are involved with to ensure that we meet the client's demand and expectation aesthetically and budget-wise, competitive pricing without sacrificing quality.


“We take care of all of our plants like our own baby”

There is no greater blessing in life than to watch your baby grows. Together with our extensive knowledge, experience, and technique, we encompass this in all of our designs and landscape creations. We carefully selected plants for your garden, nurture them with the best nutrition and maintain them in order to get the best suitable condition in favor of their growth and lifespan.

“Our main missions are quality and client satisfaction.”

All of our projects, we consider as our own property. We have the highest hopes that our landscape design will help to gain success for the project/ property itself, whether it’s a home, villa, resort, or hotel. We hope that with our design and work, we can exceed all of our client expectations.


“We blend our design with client’s dreams.”

It said that everything started with a dream. At Adhi Putra Landscaping we are doing our best to integrate our landscape design to fulfill our client’s dreams. Blending our client’s ideas with our experience in landscaping to reach excellent results in any aspect.


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Thank you for spending your time to see through our company website. We believe that in this era and the future will require us a sustainable development in every single aspects that possible, and here in Bali we are proud with what we do so far and definitely will more than happy to work or collaborate with you to turn your garden/landscaping ideas into reality. Please contact us for a free consultation.

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